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Where can I find the bank account number and the reference?

You can find the correct payment details in MyTax or on your tax decision. You need the following information for paying taxes:

  • the amount of the tax and the due date
  • the Tax Administration's bank account number
  • the reference number for the type of taxes you are paying

The Tax Administration’s bank account numbers are not listed on You need both the bank account number and your personal reference number for making payments.

How to find bank account numbers and reference numbers in MyTax

  1. Log in to MyTax.
  2. On the home page, click the Paying taxes link under Payment status. You can also find this link on the Tax matters tab, under Making payments.
  3. Different tax types have different reference numbers. You can find your reference numbers and the Tax Administration’s bank account numbers at each tax type under the Other payment methods heading.
  4. Copy the payment details yourself or use the virtual barcode. The virtual barcode is a series of numbers that you can copy from MyTax and paste to the virtual barcode field when paying the tax in your e-bank. The virtual barcode specifies the recipient’s bank account number, the due date, the reference number, and the amount payable.
  5. Pay your taxes to the Tax Administration’s bank accounts in Danske Bank or Nordea. The payment recipient is “Verohallinto” (Finnish Tax Administration).

Go to MyTax

You can also pay taxes as online payments in MyTax. See the instructions: How to pay taxes in MyTax.

If you cannot use MyTax, you can check the correct payment details by calling our service number on 029 497 026.

Whenever you pay taxes, you must enter a reference number

The Tax Administration has bank accounts in Danske Bank and Nordea. It is not enough to just state the bank account number. You must also enter the reference number. This is necessary, so your payment can be matched with the right tax. Every taxpayer has a personalised reference number. Correspondingly, every type of tax has their own reference number. Your reference numbers remain the same.

Example: You receive a reference number for real estate tax on your real estate tax decision. You can also find that number in MyTax. You can use the same reference number for this year’s real estate tax and for paying real estate taxes in future. However, this number is for real estate taxes only. Do not use it for other taxes. In the same way, it is a personalised reference number only for you. Do not use it if you are paying real estate taxes on someone else’s (like your spouse’s) behalf.

Please add the bank reference number to all your payments. Enter it in the “reference number” field. If there is no reference number field, or if you cannot enter the reference in the field, write the reference in the message field.

Tax payments at tax offices and other service offices of the Tax Administration

Additionally, you can pay taxes in cash, by bank card or credit card at some tax offices and other Tax Administration’s offices. There is no service fee. If you come to the tax office, bring along the reference numbers that concern the tax you are paying. You can see the numbers on your tax decision or in MyTax.

We recommend that you bring exact change. If you pay with coins, please note that we do not accept more than 50 coins at a time. If you pay with a credit card, the following cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners and Discover.

You can pay taxes at the following offices of the Tax Administration:

In the Åland Islands, the State Office of Åland offers cashier services for tax payment free of charge.

Page last updated 11/25/2022