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Being an employer

Are you hiring people? Or paying trade income to someone? Make sure you check the obligations that an employer has to take care of.

Filing reports on paid wages and contributions

Read instructions on how to report wages and employer's contributions. You can pay the contributions in MyTax.

Hiring an employee or buying services

Check the employer obligations you need to take care of when you hire an employee or buy services from an individual.

Register of employers

Your company must be registered as an employer that pays wages on a regular basis if you have at least two employees or if you pay wages simultaneously to at least six people.

Household as an employer

You have obligations as an employer if you buy home repair services from a company, hire someone as an employee in your household, etc.

Employing someone from a foreign country

When you sign an employment contract with a foreign citizen who comes to Finland to work for you, your tax treatment depends on how long this person will stay in Finland. Taxation will also depend on whether your company is treated as a Finnish employer or as a foreign employer.

Page last updated 1/9/2019