Paying taxes

Some taxes are invoiced by the Tax Administration: The amount, the due date and instructions for payment are shown on a demand note (=verotuspäätös; beskattnings-beslut). Other taxes are self-assessed: you must pay them on your own initiative i.e. you must calculate their amounts and check the due dates yourself.

The Tax Administration's bank accounts are in Nordea Bank and Danske Bank. Our bank forms or tax decision letters contain all the necessary bank details. You also can log in to MyTax to look up the Tax Administration’s bank account number.

Every time you pay taxes it is important that you enter the correct bank account number and include the proper reference number. Reference numbers help us reconcile incoming payments with the right taxpayer.

You are treated as having paid your tax on time if you pay it (at the latest) on the due date printed on the bank form. Payments are treated as having arrived to us on the day when the payment is debited from the bank, or when the bank acknowledges receipt.

You can also pay the taxes at some Danske Bank branch offices without being charged service fees. If you do so, you must have a bank form issued by the Tax Administration with you, or specific details similar to those printed on such a form, including name of taxpayer, name of beneficiary etc. For more information, visit the Danske Bank website ( and enter "branches" as the search word. As for cash payment in Åland Islands, taxpayers may, similarly, visit the State Office of Åland to pay their taxes.

No payments of taxes to the Finnish Tax Administration can be made at tax offices and Customs offices.

  • The branch offices of Danske Bank where taxes and Trafi charges can be paid in cash (