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Certificate of paid taxes or certificate of tax debts

This guidance concerns individual and corporate taxpayers alike.

If you have paid your taxes and filed your tax returns for self-assessed taxes by the due date, you can ask the Tax Administration to send you a certificate of paid taxes.

You can instead ask for a certificate of tax debts, if

  • you have some taxes overdue (i.e. you have tax debt)
  • you have not filed one or more tax returns for VAT, withholding or health insurance contributions by due date, or payments are outstanding
  • you have debt, based on your liability to pay taxes on behalf of a third party
  • you have debt, based on an obligation to pay compensation for damages
  • you owe taxes due to a corporate restructuring program or a private individual's debt adjustment program, or
  • there is a payment arrangement with the Tax Administration currently in force.

When is the tax debt certificate not necessary?

If the tax debt register shows that there are no records of an unpaid tax or neglected tax return for the company, self-employed operator, or estate of a deceased person you are looking for information on, there is no need to ask the Tax Administration to issue a certificate unless e.g. a prospective customer demands it. Read more about tax debt register.

Always check the tax debt register first to see whether the company you are interested in is listed there. The register has no information on private individuals.

Get certificates immediately in MyTax

You can use MyTax to print out your tax debt certificates and certificates of paid taxes.

If you cannot log in to MyTax, you can use an online form to request a certificate or call our service number 029 497 028 (Tax debt certificates, limited service available in English, standard call rates) If you requested the certificate with the online form or by telephone, you will receive it in a week to the address recorded in the Tax Administration's database.

You can either request just one certificate or make a standing request so that a new, up-to-date certificate is delivered to you once a month or every three months. A standing order will remain valid for one year counting from the date of delivery of the first certificate.

The Tax Administration does not send the certificates by e-mail.

You can use MyTax to order the tax debt certificate in English, Finnish or Swedish.

The certificates only show the current state of affairs

The contents of the certificates only refer to the facts known at the date of issue. We do not issue certificates for a date that has already passed.

We only issue them to the taxpayers themselves, or to those who are authorised to receive them, i.e. to people who have a power of attorney signed by the taxpayer or to public authorities who have the right to receive the certificate by law. Certificates are marked with authentication codes.

If you need to check whether a business' registrations are valid in the employer register, VAT register and prepayment register, you must look up the business under its company name in the Business Information System.

Page last updated 12/14/2022