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Order a tax debt certificate or a certificate of paid taxes

You can use this form to request a certificate of tax debts, which is a list of any unpaid taxes and overdue self-assessed tax returns that you or the company you represent may have.

You can also request a certificate of paid taxes to prove that you have paid your taxes as required and filed your self-assessed tax returns in time.

You will receive the requested certificate by post in 3–4 business days.

You can also request the certificate in MyTax ( The certificate will become immediately available in MyTax, where you can print it out yourself.

Fill in the details and order your tax debt certificate

*) Required information

Select whether you want to receive a certificate just once or periodically *
If you request a certificate to be sent to you periodically, your subscription will remain in force for one year after the first certificate has been sent.

Please note that you can also check your status on the tax debt register, so you may not need a certificate at all.

Page last updated 2/1/2021