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Tax Administration units

Taxation Unit attends to the customers’ tax assessment seamlessly, uniformly and with high quality under all circumstances.

Customer Relations Unit steers and directs customer-oriented activities at the Tax Administration level.

Product Management Unit provides external and internal customers with products that exceed their expectations and support their activities.

The Administrative Unit manages HR, financial and general administration tasks. 

The Executive and Legal Unit carries out top management tasks as well as prepares official decisions issued by the Director-General.

The Communications Unit is responsible for the communication on the level of the Tax Administration as a group, online services and language services.

The Internal Auditing Unit assesses the sufficiency of the internal control within the Tax Administration by auditing all its functions.

The Grey Economy Information Unit produces information on phenomena relating to the grey economy and prepares reports to other authorities concerning companies and other organizations.

The Incomes Register Unit will maintain the Incomes register and serve as the responsible authority.

The Tax Recipients’ Legal Services Unit oversees the rights of tax recipients in taxation matters and tax appeals. 

There are two autonomous bodies within the Tax Administration: the Central Tax Board which issues advance rulings; and the Board of Adjustment which processes appeals against tax decisions.

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