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Tax Administration operations

Tax revenue is the public sector’s most significant source of income.

Decisions concerning Finnish taxation are made by the Finnish Parliament and European Union. Tax legislation is drafted by the Ministry of Finance and enacted by Parliament.

The Tax Administration collects approximately 95 % of all taxes and tax-like payments in Finland. In addition to the Tax Administration, taxes and tax-like payments are also collected by Finnish Customs and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Traficom).

We ensure the tax revenue

The mission of the Finnish Tax Administration is to collect the right amount of tax at the right time to ensure funding for public services. Each month, we allocate collected taxes to parties that maintain public services: the state, municipalities, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), parishes and forest management associations.

We are customer-driven

Our operations are based on genuine customer orientation: we use customer understanding in operations, guidance and development to make customers’ tax transactions easier and ensure the tax revenue.

Our customers include both private taxpayers as well as companies and organisations. Our goal is to help our customers take care of their tax matters independently and correctly. The MyTax service is our primary electronic service channel.

We improve our operations continuously

We continuously renew our competence and focus on comprehensive customer understanding. We allocate our resources based on verified effectiveness. We utilise management by objectives, knowledge and coaching. We improve the agility of our operations by increasing self-direction and utilising models of agile development.

Page last updated 3/22/2024