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Tax Administration Strategy

Mission statement

We collect the right amount of tax at the right time in order to fund public services.

We safeguard the basis of taxation and the tax revenue through guidance and supervision. We operate efficiently and allocate our resources based on effectiveness. We operate in a customer-oriented manner: we utilise customer understanding in our operations, guidance and development to make things easier for the customer and to secure tax revenue. We continuously renew our competence and focus on comprehensive customer understanding. We manage by objectives, knowledge and coaching. We improve the agility of our operations by increasing self-direction and utilising models of agile development. We work in close cooperation with companies, stakeholders and the public administration, and we are open to new ideas for improvement.


Our strategic goals are

  • ensuring tax revenue
  • fair tax assessment
  • positive customer experience

We ensure that taxation runs fluently and is efficient and reliable. We acquire and use tax data comprehensively. We fight the shadow economy and thereby eliminate unhealthy competition. By improving our operating methods, we also secure the accrual of tax revenue in the future.

Our operations are nationally uniform, of high quality and predictable to the customer. 

Our aim is to create a positive customer experience in tax-related matters. We base our operations on genuine customer orientation, customer understanding and customer engagement. We want to make our customers’ tax transactions as easy and simple as possible, and we make every effort to fulfil our customers’ expectations.


Our values are

  • Building trust
  • Working together
  • Embracing new ways of working

Trust and transparency are key to what we do.We collect the right amount of tax at the right time in order to fund public services.

We succeed by working together. We value and rely on one another’s ideas, competence and expertise. We want to improve and we know how to do it.

Together we develop new types of services and ways of working – boldly and with determination.We keep up with the latest developments and make every effort to keep improving.


Achieving top quality taxation together

Together with our stakeholders and partners we ensure effortless tax transactions as the data necessary for taxation is automatically generated with the taxable transaction. This way, taxation becomes a seamless part of companies’ and people’s daily life. We secure tax revenue and minimise the tax gap.

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