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International visitors

The Finnish Tax Administration welcomes visitors from other countries' tax administrations. Visits by private individuals, business groups or associations can also be realised but please be aware that these requests will be subject to consideration.

Please send the request by filling the online form.

  • The request should be sent by an official representative of the revenue authority or body requesting the visit.
  • The request should also specify the intention/purpose of the visit, i.e. which aspects of the Finnish Tax Administration you wish to be included in the program for the visit (goal, aim).
  • Please also include details of the delegation (size, information of the participants), the requested time for the visit (dates, duration) and any further information you wish to convey to us.

Kindly note that all requests should be made at least a month (30 days) before the intended visit.

Please note that we might not be able to carry out all requests. The visit may not, for example, be realised during the requested time or in the requested scale. However, we will reply to all requests and inform you of the outcome.

Page last updated 7/3/2019