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Information and guidance on MyTax

MyTax is the Tax Administration’s e-service for taxpayers. You can take care of your taxes in MyTax.

Instructions on how to use MyTax

How to log in to MyTax

How to authorise another person or a company to act on your behalf

Frequently Asked Questions

Taxpayer service in MyTax

You can ask for advice in the MyTax chat or by calling our taxpayer service.

About the chat: Chat with the Tax Administration

Service numbers

If you fail to take care of your tax matters in MyTax or if you have any questions, you can also send us a written message in MyTax.

When our service agents assist you on the phone in how to use the service, they can see your information in MyTax. Unfinished details will not be used in your tax assessment.

We will store your activities in MyTax so that we can investigate any faults or malfunction that may occur in the service. We will destroy the recordings after 30 days.

Taxpayers with a non-disclosure order – your information is in MyTax

If you have a non-disclosure order for personal safety reasons, MyTax shows the information covered by the order both to you and your authorised agent. At the Tax Administration, only named employees have access to the information.

In exceptional cases, a taxpayer service agent may see your contact details in a recording. The service agents are Tax Administration employees and bound by confidentiality.

Documents are stored in MyTax for a limited time

We keep documents in MyTax only for as long as we need them for tax assessment. If you need the documents for other purposes, save them on your computer or in some other way.

Please give us feedback

You can give us feedback in MyTax. In 2023, we will measure customer experience in MyTax relating to the following returns and applications:

  • application for tax card
  • response to information request
  • tax return for forestry (2C)
  • tax return for agriculture (2)
  • business tax return – business operator or self-employed person (5)
  • business tax return – business partnership (6A)
  • tax return – associations, foundations, municipalities, parishes, etc. 2022 (6C)
  • real estate tax return

We use feedback to improve our services. The feedback we receive has no effect on any tax affairs in process.

Frequently asked questions about MyTax

You can use MyTax on a computer or a mobile device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. You will also need internet access and a web browser. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled.

For the best MyTax user experience, use the latest version of any of the most common browser software:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox.

Logging in to MyTax using e-identification on older browsers and operating systems has been technically blocked. Read more on the website of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Page last updated 1/24/2023