Processing times for returns and applications

Processing time refers to the time that starts when a return or an application arrives at the Tax Administration. The processing time mostly depends on whether we need to ask you for more information regarding your return or application.

Estimated processing time

The estimated processing time is a current forecast of the time it will take in average to process the return or application.

Value added taxation

Estimated processing time

  • VAT return: 1 week
  • VAT return, cases that require further clarification: 7 weeks
  • Written guidance: 5 weeks

Car taxation

Estimated processing time

  • Car tax return: a company registered for car tax reporting the car tax on used cars: 8-10 months
  • Car tax return: private persons and other than registered companies: 2 months
  • Request a refund of car tax: 3-4 months
  • Request for determining the place of permanent residence or Request an extension to the period of use: 4 weeks
  • Declaration of tax-exempt use of a vehicle (other specific use): 2-4 weeks
  • Request for becoming a Registered filer of car tax: 4 weeks

If tax assessment requires further investigation or if vehicle value must be determined manually, processing may be delayed by several weeks.

Application matters

Estimated processing time

  • Advance ruling (VAT): 5 weeks
  • Advance ruling (Income taxation): corporate entities 8 weeks
  • Advance ruling (car tax): 5 weeks
  • Advance ruling on withholding: 4 weeks
  • Application for special permit for deducting losses: 4 weeks
  • Application for refund of transfer tax: individuals 6–8 months, corporate entities 12–18 months
  • Transfer tax, Request for a statement for registration of title and other legal confirmation: individuals and corporate entities 1 month

Request for correction of use of payment or refund

Estimated processing time

  • 2-3 months

Request for relief

Estimated processing time

  • 6-9 months

Request for non-collection of late-payment interest

Estimated processing time

  • 7-10 months

Gift taxation

Estimated processing time

  • Gift tax decision: 6–12 months

Refund of taxes withheld at source, Imposing of tax at source, Refund of taxes withheld (individuals)

Estimated processing time

  • 6–12 months

Request for payment arrangement

Estimated processing time

  • 1 week

Claims for adjustment

Estimated processing time

  • Registration: 2 months
  • Self-assessed taxes (VAT, etc.): 18 months
  • A late-filing penalty charge: 12 months
  • Income taxation, individuals: 12–16 months
  • Income taxation, business: 12 months
  • Inheritance and gift taxation: 12–16 months
  • Real estate taxation: 16–18 months (estimated processing time for corporate taxpayers: 24–26 months)
  • Car tax: 8–10 months (If vehicle value must be manually defined for a second time, the processing may be delayed by several months)

Inheritance taxation

Estimated processing time

  • Decision on inheritance tax: 6–12 months


If your company already has a Business ID, you can use MyTax to enter the company in the Tax Administration’s registers or remove it from the registers.

You can set up a company and receive a Business ID in MyTax if it is not necessary to have a registration in the Trade Register. If you establish a limited-liability company or a similar incorporated entity, you must request registration in the Trade Register. The application must be submitted via the Business Information System (BIS/YTJ).

If you submit a registration notification on, it will first be processed at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. After this, the Tax Administration receives the notification.

Estimated processing time

  • Registrations and processing of changes in MyTax: 3 weeks

  • The estimated processing time includes the processing time of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office

Income taxation, individuals

Estimated processing time

  • Tax cards: 5–6 days in MyTax, 1–2 weeks on paper form
  • Changing prepayments: 1–3 days in MyTax, 1–2 weeks on paper form
  • Pre-completed tax return: If you made additions or changes to your tax return, you will receive a new tax decision in the time between May and October.

Income taxation, business owners and the self-employed, general and limited partnerships

Estimated processing time

  • Tax cards: 5–6 days in MyTax, 1–2 weeks on paper form
  • Changing prepayments: 1–3 days in MyTax, 1–2 weeks on paper form
  • Advance ruling: 6 weeks

Income taxation, corporate entities

Estimated processing time

  • Prepayment request: 1–2 days in MyTax