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Activate Messages and get mail from the authorities electronically Messages is a service that the Tax Administration and many other authorities use to notify you when you have received official correspondence to e-services.

For example, you will get an email notification when you have a new tax card, tax return, decision or letter in MyTax.

If you have downloaded the application on your smartphone, you will get notifications in the app as well.

After you have activated Messages, you will receive official correspondence only electronically. See a list of all organisations and services using Messages

How to activate Messages in MyTax

  1. Select the Communication tab.

  2. Click the Move on to activate Messages link under Activating Messages.

  3. Tick the box “I confirm that I want to activate Messages and receive messages that require confirmation of receipt and other messages from organisations electronically”.

    Click Next.

  4. Enter your personal email address to which you would like to receive notifications about new letters, for example, arriving in MyTax and in other e-services.

    Also select whether you want to receive the email notifications in Finnish, Swedish or English.

    Click Next.

  5. Check that the information you have given is correct. Then click Submit.

  6. You will receive a confirmation request email. You have 24 hours to confirm the activation of Messages in accordance with the instructions given in the email.

Instructions and information about the messages on the website Messages

Instructions for Messages

Organisations and services using Messages

Frequently asked questions

  1. Log in to MyTax.
  2. You can find the new information on the Tasks tab. For example, if you have received a new letter, you can read it by clicking on the task.

Please note that you cannot log in to MyTax directly from the message you receive from the service.

You can check whether you have activated Messages in MyTax as follows:

  1. Select the Taxpayer details tab.
  2. Check the matter at Delivery method for mail.
  1. Go to and log in to the Messages service
  2. Go to the message settings and enter your new email address.

Please note that you cannot change your email address via MyTax.

If you want to stop using Messages, you can change the settings on and go back to getting paper mail. Please note that you cannot make this change in MyTax.

Go to and log in to the Messages service

Instructions on Stop using messages

Page last updated 6/4/2024