Corporate taxpayer – use the web invoice

Companies and corporations can pay real estate tax and corporate income tax using the web invoice. A company whose web invoice address is found in MyTax receives web invoices about real estate tax. A corporate entity also receives web invoices about prepayments and back taxes, but not about additional prepayments. The web invoice is sent approximately 3 weeks before the due date.

As far as income taxes are concerned, web invoices are available for payments that are due after 31 January 2022. As regards the real estate tax, web invoices are available as of 22 November 2021.

Check and report your web invoice address in MyTax

You can check your current web invoice address and report a new address in the Taxpayer details section in MyTax. The web invoice addresses found in Tieke's e-invoice address registry have been transferred to MyTax.

You do not need to order the web invoice separately: web invoices are sent to you automatically if your address is found in MyTax or in Tieke's registry. In the first place, the web invoice address reported in MyTax will be used. If the taxpayer has not entered their address in MyTax, the address found in Tieke’s registry will be used. A company or corporation can have only one web invoice address in the Tax Administration’s records.

You can delete the web invoice address indicated in MyTax, in which case the invoices will be sent to the address in Tieke's registry. If you want to remove a web invoice address found in Tieke's registry, use Tieke's service.

If your company does not have a web invoice address yet, you can get one via a service provider.

Multiple web invoice addresses

A company may have multiple web invoice addresses. If you want to choose the address for the Tax Administration’s web invoices, report the web invoice address in MyTax.