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Corporate taxpayer – pay with the web invoice

Companies and organisations can pay taxes with the web invoice. The web invoice is an electronic invoice solution for companies and organisations, comparable to the e-invoice. Companies using the web invoice receive their invoices directly to their e-bank or financial management software.

The web invoice is available to self-employed individuals and other corporate taxpayers. Individual taxpayers can pay with the e-invoice.


In future, self-employed individuals can pay their prepayments and back taxes, as well as real estate tax, with the web invoice. This applies to payments whose due date is after 1 January 2024. Until the end of 2023, self-employed individuals can pay only their real estate tax with the web invoice. Read more about the change.

What taxes can I pay with the web invoice?

You can pay the real estate tax, prepayments and back taxes. You cannot pay any other taxes with the web invoice.

The web invoice is sent approximately 3 weeks before the due date.

How do I request web invoices from the Tax Administration?

If your company’s web invoice address is in TIEKE’s address registry, the Tax Administration will receive the information automatically and send you web invoices. In other words, you do not need to separately request web invoicing from the Tax Administration.

If your company’s address is not in TIEKE's registry or if you want the Tax Administration to send your web invoices to another web invoice address, you can submit the web invoice address on the Taxpayer details tab in MyTax. If you submit the web invoice address yourself in MyTax and the address then changes, remember to change the address to MyTax details. The address will not be updated automatically.

TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre maintains a registry for web invoicing addresses. Read more about the web invoice and the address registry on TIEKE’s website.

How can I get a web invoice address for my company?

In order to receive web invoices from the Tax Administration and other invoice issuers, your company must first conclude a contract with an e-invoicing operator. You can find a list of e-invoicing operators at

Note that companies do not have to pay their taxes with the web invoice. However, it makes paying easier because all the correct payment information will be pre-completed on the web invoice.

If a self-employed individual cannot use the web invoice, they can request an e-invoice from the Tax Administration.

My company has several web invoice addresses. Which address will the Tax Administration use?

If you have indicated one of your web invoice addresses as your primary address in the TIEKE registry, it will automatically be used by the Tax Administration.

If you have not specified your primary web invoice address, the Tax Administration cannot send you a web invoice. In that case, enter the preferred address on the Taxpayer details tab in MyTax.

Note that companies and organisations can have only one web invoice address in the Tax Administration’s records at any given time.

How can I check or change my web invoice address?

You can check and change your web invoice address on the Taxpayer details tab in MyTax.

How can I cancel the Tax Administration's web invoices?

Self-employed individuals can select not to receive web invoices from the Tax Administration on the Tax details tab in MyTax.

Other corporate taxpayers can cancel the Tax Administration's web invoices by removing their web invoice address from TIEKE’s address registry. If you have added the web invoice address to MyTax yourself, also remove the address from MyTax.

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Page last updated 11/27/2023