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How to pay taxes in MyTax

You can pay taxes as online payments in MyTax, where you can can also check the details you need for making payments, such as the reference number for taxes and the Tax Administration bank account numbers.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

  1. Go to Payment status and click the link Paying taxes. You can also move on to pay taxes by opening the Tax matters tab and selecting the Making payments section.

  2. On the page, you can see the taxes to be paid and the details needed for making the payments.

    You can pay taxes by clicking the button next to the tax type.

  3. Enter the payment amount. If there are overdue taxes, the payment amount is pre-populated. If needed, you can change the amount.

    Select Next to proceed.

  4. Check the payment details and then continue by clicking Go to e-bank.

    You cannot select the payment date yourself in MyTax. Instead, the amount will be charged from your bank account immediately. The payment will be displayed in MyTax in 1−2 business days.

    If you want to make the payment later, see the instructions in section 5.

  5. If you want to select another date of payment, pay the tax in your e-bank. Copy the reference number and the Tax Administration’s bank account number from under Other payment methods, or use the virtual barcode.

    Note that each tax type has its own reference number. Each reference number is also taxpayer-specific.

    You can also download the payment details as a file by clicking Download as file (csv).

MyTax uses Payments as its online payment service. The service supplier is Paytrail Oyj.

Other relevant information

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Page last updated 4/5/2024