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Paying with e-invoice

You can now receive e-invoices for inheritance taxes and gift taxes.

E-invoices are easy to pay, and they help you comply with due dates. Payment details are pre-completed on the invoice, so you do not need to enter them separately.

E-invoices can be used by individual taxpayers and self-employed individuals.

Self-employed individuals and other corporate taxpayers with a web invoicing address can also receive web invoices for taxes. Read more about the web invoice.

Which taxes can I pay with e-invoice?

You can request e-invoicing for real estate tax, back taxes, prepayments, inheritance tax, and gift tax. E-invoicing is available for inheritance tax and gift tax if the tax decision was issued after 20 November 2023.

The request automatically covers all of these tax types. You cannot receive e-invoices for any other taxes.

Please note that you cannot receive an e-invoice for additional prepayments or instalments of a payment arrangement.

How do I request e-invoicing?

You can request e-invoicing in two ways:

  1. Request e-invoicing in your e-bank. Find the section in your e-bank where you can request e-invoices. Select “Verohallinto” (Tax Administration) as the invoicing organisation and request the e-invoice.
  2. Request e-invoicing in MyTax on the Taxpayer details tab. The e-invoicing proposal will arrive in your e-bank in a few days. When you receive the proposal, accept it within 30 days. You will start to receive e-invoices after the proposal has been accepted.

You can make the request at any time. For any taxes that are falling due, you will receive an e-invoice for paying the tax if you request e-invoicing at least 2 weeks before the due date.

If you have already requested e-invoicing from the Tax Administration, you will receive an e-invoice in your e-bank approximately 3 weeks before the due date. The e-invoice for real estate tax arrives even earlier: you will receive it in your e-bank approximately 2 months before the due date.

How do I check if I have already requested e-invoicing?

If you are not sure whether you have already requested e-invoicing from the Tax Administration, you can check the selected payment method in MyTax (Taxpayer details tab) or in the field for the euro amount on the bank transfer form associated with the tax decision. You can also check the matter in your e-bank.

How do I cancel e-invoicing?

You can cancel the e-invoicing request in your e-bank.

Please note, however, that if you cancel the request, you will stop receiving e-invoices for all tax types. In other words, you cannot cancel e-invoicing separately for just one tax type.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. You can change the due date and the payment amount stated in the e-invoice after you have received the invoice in your e-bank. For example, you can change the due date to the current date and pay the tax as soon as you have received the invoice.

You can also increase or reduce the payment amount. If you make the amount smaller and there is more than 5 business days between the current date and the due date, we will send you a new e-invoice for the remaining amount. If there is not enough time to receive the new e-invoice before the due date, pay the missing amount yourself in your e-bank or in MyTax.

You can also increase the amount, for example if you wish to pay two instalments of tax at the same time.

Page last updated 4/5/2024