How to request a payment arrangement in MyTax

  1. On the MyTax home page, select “Activities” and click on “All activities”.

  2. Select “Request for payment arrangement” in the drop-down list.

  3. You can request a payment arrangement in MyTax for all taxes except for car tax and excise duties. If you need more time to pay your car tax or excise duties, you can request an extension. Read more: Extensions for payment of car tax and excise duty (available in Finnish and Swedish, links to Finnish).

  4. The first page contains the taxes covered by the payment arrangement and the amount payable. Select the number of instalments. The amount can be paid in 1–24 monthly instalments.

    If you are an individual taxpayer and you only have unpaid inheritance taxes and/or gift taxes, you may choose to pay your instalments every 2 months. In this case, there can be 1–12 instalments.

  5. Choose the due date for the first instalment. The due date must be a banking day within 30 days from submitting the request. Click “Next”.

  6. Here you will see your payment schedule with every due date and payment amount.

  7. Select your own contact information or fill in other information.

  8. When your request for payment arrangement is ready, click “Submit”.