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How to request prepayment in MyTax – instructions for entrepreneurs and individual taxpayers

The instructions are for individual taxpayers, self-employed individuals, partners of general or limited partnerships and agricultural operators.

If your operations are small in scale and you also have, for example, wage income, the business income can be taken into account in the calculation of your tax card. File a tax card request in MyTax.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

Do as follows in MyTax

  1. Click the link Tax cards and prepayments in the Tax card and prepayments 2024 section under Individual income tax.

  2. Scroll down to the Prepayment section. Select the tax year concerned.

    Click either the Request tax prepayment or Change the prepayment button, depending on whether the Tax Administration has already prepared a prepayment calculation for you for the year concerned.

  3. The request has 6 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page. Fill in the new and changed details in the different stages of the request.

    The first stage is Basic details. In this stage, you can see your relevant taxpayer details.

  4. Stage Pre-completed income and deductions: You can make changes to the pre-completed details if your income or deductions have changed.

    Note: If you work from home for a foreign employer, and you are paid a salary that you need a prepayment decision for, please go directly to Other income (do not make any salary changes here).

  5. Stage Other income: If you are requesting a prepayment based on new income, enter such income in this stage.

    You can enter income such as new business income, rental income or capital gains from the sales of assets.

    To enter business income, for example, select Yes for Business income subject to prepayments.

    If you are requesting prepayment for salary or wage income, scroll down to click Show more. Select Yes for Other income subject to prepayments. Enter the salary/wages in Wages subject to prepayments, for which healthcare and daily allowance contribution is imposed.

  6. Stage Other deductions: You can submit other deductions, if any.

  7. Stage Delivery method: You will receive a new prepayment decision in MyTax once your request has been processed.

    If your business activities are seasonal, you can opt to pay all the prepayment instalments during the period when you have activities.

  8. Stage Preview and send: Check that the details are correct. You can make corrections by clicking Edit or Previous.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select Save as unfinished. The data entered in the unfinished request will be saved for 1 month. The Tax Administration will not process the information before you have submitted it.

    Once all the details are correct, select Submit. After this, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

  9. If you have activated messages, you will receive a message once your prepayment decision is available in MyTax. If you have not activated messages, you will receive the decision by post.

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Page last updated 1/1/2024