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Number of prepayment instalments

The prepayment instalments are based on the prepayment amount to be paid.

Number of instalments: entrepreneurs and other individual taxpayers

Individual taxpayers, self-employed individuals, partners of general or limited partnerships and agricultural operators:

Prepayments are imposed for the tax year. The total prepayment amount and the time at which changes are made determine how many instalments there will be during the year. The maximum number of instalments is 12.

You can change your prepayment instalments in MyTax starting 27 November 2023 after For example, if instalments have been allocated to certain months but you would like to make prepayments evenly every month, you can change the instalments yourself in MyTax. The selection remains in effect until further notice. In other words, any future prepayment instalments will be split into equal-sized monthly instalments. 

If your business is seasonal (for instance, if you run a summer kiosk or work as a skiing instructor), you can request prepayments only for the months when you earn income.

The minimum prepayment amount is €170. If the calculated prepayment amount is less than €170, you do not need to pay it in advance but it will be included in your final tax assessment. 

The payment instalments are determined as follows:

Amount of prepayments (€) How many instalments Months of payment
170–500 2 March and September
more than 500 but no more than 1,700 3 February, July and November
more than 1,700 but no more than 10,000 6 February, April, June, August, October and December
over 10,000 12 January through December

Number of instalments: limited liability companies and other corporate entities

For corporate entities, tax prepayments are imposed by accounting period. The number of instalments per accounting period depends on the total prepayment amount. There are either 2 or 12 instalments and they are equal in amount.

The minimum prepayment imposed is €500. If the amount is less than €500, the tax is not collected until the final tax assessment.

The payment instalments are determined as follows:

Amount of prepayments (€) How many instalments Months of payment
500–2,000 2 the third and the ninth month of corporate fiscal year
over 2,000 12 January through December
Page last updated 11/27/2023