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How to get a prepayment registration

It is necessary to submit a request for entering the prepayment register. If you are a self-employed individual, a company or a corporate entity and you operate a trade, business, farm or other activity that generates income, the Tax Administration can enter you in the register.

How to apply for prepayment registration

You can log in to MyTax to apply for registration when you begin your operation. You can also sign up for the register in MyTax later, as long as you have a Business ID.

How to request a Business ID and sign up for the Tax Administration’s registers in MyTax

If you submit your start-up notification on paper (Form Y3), you can use the same form to register for prepayment. The paper form is available in the Business Information System.

Complete the start-up notification form to submit your application for prepayment registration

  • Y1 (limited liability companies and other corporate entities)
  • Y2 (general partnerships, limited partnerships, other partnerships or consortia)

If you have already been issued a Business ID, you can log in to MyTax to apply. Alternatively, you can use Forms Y4 or Y5.

Signing up for Tax Administration registers in MyTax

The “Y” are available for downloading on the BIS website (

The date when prepayment registration begins is either the date when the application arrives in the Tax Administration, or a later date, as indicated on your application form as the desired date of registration.

It is not necessary for your business to be started and ongoing when you ask for the registration: it is enough if you are likely to start operating a trade or business soon. If you have started up recently, your prospective customers may be reluctant to give you any orders unless you have a registration.

Written decision on registration

Tax Administration will make a decision concerning registration and send a copy of the decision document to all newly prepayment-registered applicants. In addition, the information about your registration is posted on the BIS website (the Business Information System, as soon as you have been registered.

However, not all applicants are registered. For example, the Tax Administration rejects registration applications from taxpayers who have not filed their taxes or have not kept their books.

Page last updated 1/1/2024