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Claim for adjustment of a registration matter

These instructions concern companies and organisations.

You can claim adjustment of a decision that concerns your registration in the

  • VAT register
  • prepayment register
  • register of employers (if the date of the decision on registration is 1 January 2024 or later)
  • register of car tax filers
  • excise duty register
  • register of payers of insurance-premium tax

As of 1 January 2024, concerning all registration matters, companies and organisations will receive an appealable written decision on registration. If you need to claim adjustment, follow the instructions on this page.

Instructions for claiming


When can a claim for adjustment be filed?

A company or organisation can file a claim for adjustment within 60 days from receiving the decision. Please read the enclosed “Instructions for appeal” carefully to look up the exact period when claims are accepted. 

If the last day of the filing deadline is a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the due date is the next business day. The claim for adjustment must arrive at the Tax Administration by 4.15 pm on the due date.

Example: A company received a written decision indicating that the company is now entered in the VAT register. Decision date is 4 March 2024. In this case, the claim for adjustment must arrive at the Tax Administration by 3 May 2024 before 4.15 pm.


How to make a claim for adjustment

You can file a claim for adjustment in MyTax.

Go to MyTax

  1. Log in to MyTax and select the Tax matters tab.
  2. Select All adjustment matters in the Claims for adjustment section.
  3. Click Claim for adjustment to the Assessment Adjustment Board.
  4. Fill in the items that you request to be adjusted. Finally, submit the claim.

If you cannot use MyTax: you can claim adjustment by submitting a paper form and a free-form request on paper.


After you have made the claim for adjustment

Even if you are claiming adjustment of a registration decision issued to a company or an organisation, you must comply with the decision until the matter is resolved.

You can follow the processing of your request in MyTax: Go to the Tax matters tab, select Status of returns and requests and then View the processing status.

Further information and instructions on adjustment

You can cancel a claim for adjustment fully or partially. In MyTax, go to the ‘Tax matters’ tab. Select ‘Cancel a claim for adjustment’ under ‘Claims for adjustment’.

A decision on a claim for adjustment can be requested to be rectified by lodging an appeal to the administrative court. The deadline and instructions for appealing are in the appeal instructions appended to the decision.

Page last updated 1/17/2023