Public information on the income taxes of corporate taxpayers

Information regarding the completed income-tax assessment for the 2020 tax year will be released in November 2021 also for corporate taxpayers.

In the taxation of corporate entities and benefits under joint administration, the public information consists of:

  • Taxpayer’s name, municipality of corporate domicile, Business ID, and in the case of a non-resident death estate, the deceased person’s year of birth
  • Taxable income
  • Total of tax imposed
  • The total amount of taxes pre-paid by/withheld from the taxpayer
  • The taxpayer’s balance of back taxes or tax refund for 2020

The list of facts and information is from the day when the tax assessment process was completed. Any later adjustments made due to appeal are not subject to public disclosure.

The public information on corporate taxpayers is released in an open-data format

Corporate taxpayers’ information is released as .CSV files on the website. However, housing companies, mutual real estate holding companies, and death estates treated as non-resident taxpayers are excluded.

Public information from income tax assessment regarding corporate taxpayers:

Browsing the public information; making requests by telephone

The public income-tax information is available for browsing at most Tax Administration offices. The workstations are free for visitors to use during the opening hours of each tax office.

You can search for a corporation’s information with its Business ID. To find out any entity’s Business ID, look it up in the Business Information System (

Data cannot be printed out on paper or copied to a data carrier device on our self-service workstations. Instead, you can write notes. However, the Tax Administration can provide printed extracts and other data printouts on order, against a charge. The extracts cost €15 each.

Typically, after its annual release, the previous year’s tax information is a breaking-news topic in the headlines for a couple of weeks. This means that some line-ups at tax office workstations may occur.

Our telephone service answers to questions on publicly released tax data:

  • Income tax assessment of corporate taxpayers: 029 497 006 (in Finnish) and 029 497 007 (in Swedish)

More information:

Tax Administration guidelines: