Check and report the information on your investments to the Tax Administration, if necessary.

Some of the information on your investments may be shown in the pre-completed tax return automatically. In that case, it is enough if you check the information.

Review and, if necessary, report information on all profits and losses from your investments, both in Finland and abroad. Make sure that the Tax Administration has the correct information:

  • On the sales profits and losses from shares and investment fund shares
  • Your dividend income
  • The profits from your investment fund shares
  • Profit from an equity savings account (the profit will appear on your tax return for the year 2020 next spring).

If you have sold shares or other securities through a foreign remote intermediary, also report the profit or loss from these transactions. The Tax Administration receives information about securities trading abroad and monitors that the details of these transactions are submitted to the Tax Administration.

Check your pre-completed tax return

Check that the information in the pre-completed tax return you received in the spring is correct. Report missing information and correct inaccurate information related to your investments either in MyTax or with a paper form. Provide information on the day indicated on your tax return at the latest.

Report the information on your investments in MyTax

How to file the selling of securities in MyTax

If you provide information on your investments on a paper form, always use the correct form:

  • Use form 9A (Capital gains and capital losses from trading with securities) for reporting all gains and losses resulting from the sale of securities in Finland and abroad. Also use this form to report transfers carried out through a remote intermediary (for other capital income received through a remote intermediary, use Form 16B).
  • Use form 50B (Capital income and deductions) for reporting dividends and profit shares of investment funds
  • Use form 16B (Statement on foreign income (capital income)) for reporting any dividends and profit shares of investment funds you have received from abroad, as well as any taxes you have paid abroad.

Do not forget to deliver the paper forms to the Tax Administration on time. Please note that they must arrive on the date indicated on your tax return at the latest. How to declare with paper forms

Tax-exempt sales profits must also be reported to the Tax Administration

Check the pre-completed tax return to ensure that sales of shares under EUR 1,000 are also included in the tax return. Complete the information, if necessary.  Sales profits are tax-exempt if the total price of shares you have sold during a calendar year was EUR 1,000 at maximum.

Read more about tax-exempt sales profits in section 3.2 ‘Pienet luovutukset’ of the detailed tax instructions ‘Arvopaperien luovutusten verotus‘ (in Finnish).

Save the documents

Remember that you must keep the information needed to calculate the sales profits and losses from your securities for six (6) years after the end of the assessment year.

If you use a securities account, i.e. an electronic stock portfolio, in your investments, it is enough to keep the related account statements. If you have investment fund shares, keep the reports you receive from the fund management company.

Store the documents either on paper or in electronic format. It must be possible to print out the electronic documents on paper if necessary.

Read more about the obligation to keep records in section 5 ‘Muistiinpanot’ of the detailed tax instructions ‘Verovelvollisen ilmoittamisvelvollisuus’ (in Finnish).