Check and report the information on your investments to the Tax Administration, if necessary.

Some of the information on your investments may be shown in the pre-completed tax return automatically. In that case, it is enough if you check the information.

Review and, if necessary, report additional information on all profits and losses from your investments, both in Finland and abroad. Make sure that the Tax Administration has the correct information:

  • On your capital gains or losses from sold corporate stock and fund shares
  • Your dividend income
  • The profits from your investment fund shares
  • The profits in your equity savings account, if you withdrew money from it

If you have sold shares or other securities through a foreign remote intermediary, also report the profit or loss from these transactions. The Tax Administration receives information about securities trading abroad and monitors that the details of these transactions are submitted to the Tax Administration.

Check your pre-completed tax return

Check that the information in the pre-completed tax return you received in the spring is correct. Report missing information and correct inaccurate information related to your investments either in MyTax or with a paper form. Provide information on the day indicated on your tax return at the latest.

Report the information on your investments in MyTax

How to file the selling of securities in MyTax

If you provide information on your investments on a paper form, always use the correct form:

  • Use form 9A (Capital gains and capital losses from trading with securities) for reporting all gains and losses due to the sale of securities in Finland and abroad. Also use this form to report any sales carried out through a remote intermediary in a foreign country (for your other capital income received through a foreign remote intermediary, complete Form 16B).
  • Use form 50B (Capital income and deductions) for reporting dividends and profit shares of investment funds
  • Use form 16B (Statement on foreign income (capital income)) for reporting any dividends and profit shares of investment funds you have received from abroad, as well as any taxes you have paid abroad.

Do not forget to deliver the paper forms to the Tax Administration on time. Please note that they must arrive on the date indicated on your tax return at the latest. How to declare with paper forms

Tax-exempt sales profits must also be reported to the Tax Administration

Check the pre-completed tax return to ensure that sales of shares under EUR 1,000 are also included in the tax return. Complete the information, if necessary.  Sales profits are tax-exempt if the total price of shares you have sold during a calendar year was EUR 1,000 at maximum.

Read more about tax-exempt sales profits in section 3.2 ‘Pienet luovutukset’ of the detailed tax instructions ‘Arvopaperien luovutusten verotus‘ (in Finnish).

Save the documents

Remember that you must keep the information needed to calculate the sales profits and losses from your securities for 6 years, starting from the beginning of the year after the end of the tax year.

If you use a securities account, i.e. an electronic stock portfolio, in your investments, it is enough to keep the related account statements. If you have investment fund shares, keep the reports you receive from the fund management company.

Store the documents either on paper or in electronic format. It must be possible to print out the electronic documents on paper if necessary.

Read more about the obligation to keep records in section 5 ‘Muistiinpanot’ of the detailed tax instructions ‘Verovelvollisen ilmoittamisvelvollisuus’ (in Finnish).

Frequently asked questions

It is important to note that CFDs are not virtual currency, so the tax treatment is different from that of the gains and profits you may receive from virtual currencies. The tax rules on capital gains do not apply, and if you made a loss due to a CFD, you cannot subtract the amount of the loss from your profits.

If you make a profit on a CFD, it is taxed as capital income. The tax rate for capital income is 30% up to €30,000. If you earn more, the excess part is taxed at 34%.

Losses incurred from CFDs are not taken into account in taxation – not as capital losses nor as tax-deductible expenses.

Please note that each transaction is processed independently in the taxation of CFDs. This means that any profits made from trading CFDs are taxed as capital income and losses incurred from trading CFDs cannot be deducted from the profits. If you are trading CFDs, you can lose the capital you have invested and still be liable to pay tax for the profit you make.

File your income on a pre-completed tax return

Add up the profits you have made on CFDs and report this sum on your pre-completed tax return in MyTax under Foreign income – Other foreign capital income. If you file on paper, use Form 16B Statement on foreign income (capital income).

Instead, losses or expenses incurred from CFDs should not be filed on a tax return as they cannot be deducted from the profits.

The Tax Administration receives information on income from foreign sources and monitors that the details of these transactions are submitted to the Tax Administration.

For more information, see the Tax Administration’s detailed guidance on the taxation of derivatives (available in Finnish and Swedish)

The final liquidations were completed regarding the bankruptcy estates of GeoSentric Plc and FIT Biotech Plc during 2021. The attorney in charge of Mash Group’s bankruptcy has communicated in 2021 that no distributions will be paid to former shareholders.  If you owned shares of the above companies, you can enter the deductible losses in your 2021 pre-completed tax return.

Capital loss is in this case equal to the amounts of money that you paid when you bought the shares. The calculation of your capital loss includes any expenses you paid in connection with the purchase, i.e. brokerage fees and the like.  Some shareholders received their shares in the above companies as an inheritance or gift. If you are among them, your capital loss is equal to the shares’ confirmed tax values in inheritance taxation or gift taxation.

How to claim the deductible capital loss on your tax return

For many individual taxpayers who held shares in the above companies, the Tax Administration has already calculated the deductible capital loss, so it appears on the pre-completed tax return’s Profit from selling securities line. For others, the pre-completed tax returns only show the selling price. Still other previous shareholders of the above companies have no pre-filled information at all on their pre-completed tax returns.

  • If the capital loss is already calculated on your tax return, please check the relevant amounts. Because of the bankruptcy, the pre-filled information shows “€0” as the selling price. Check the pre-filled purchase prices and expenses related to the purchase of shares. If necessary, make corrections.
  • If the only amount appearing on your tax return is the selling price (€0), you must enter the purchase price amount and the expenses connected to the purchase into the appropriate fields in MyTax.
  • If nothing appears on your tax return regarding your shareholding in the two bankrupt companies discussed here, you must enter your shares’ purchase price, the expenses connected to the purchase, and the selling price (€0) into the appropriate fields in MyTax.
  • If you cannot log in to MyTax to enter the information, complete and submit Form 9A – Capital gains and capital losses from trading with securities.

For instructions, click Pre-completed tax return – how to file in MyTax or on paper and see the guidance in section Profits from selling securities.

In 2020, the company called Spa Holdings 3 Oy made a general bid to all shareholders in order to buy all shares in Ahlstrom-Munksjö. By 23 June 2021 there were small holdings still remaining in the shareholders’ hands who did not accept the bid. These holdings of Ahlstrom-Munksjö were redeemed, and for tax purposes, the shareholders who had them are regarded as having transferred them away during the 2021 tax year.

According to the ruling of the Court of Arbitration dated 1 March 2022, the redemption price was €21.55 per share. However, an appeal against the Court’s ruling is pending, and the final outcome is still unclear. For this reason, the tax assessment for 2021 will be based on €17.84 per share instead of the above, because €17.84 had been the original bidded price for these shares. If after the appeal, the final redemption price turns out to be higher than €17.84, the difference will be treated as income subject to tax in the ex-shareholder’s hands; either for the tax year when he or she receives payment, or for the tax year when payment is ready to be made.

On these individuals’ pre-completed tax returns, the price to redeem Ahlstrom-Munksjö shares is pre-filled as €17.84 per share. For some of the shareholders, no data appears on the Ahlstrom-Munksjö shares.

If the above concerns you, you must inform the Tax Administration of any capital gain or loss resulting from the redemption. Do this on your income tax return for 2021, even if no payment of the redeemed shares has arrived to you yet.

  • If your pre-completed tax return shows €17.84 per share as the redemption price, you should check whether the pre-completed tax return also shows the right purchase price. If the purchase price is wrong, or if no price appears on your pre-completed tax return, log in to MyTax to make corrections.

  • If no information at all appears on your pre-completed tax return regarding the Ahlstrom-Munksjö company’s redeemed shares, you should enter €17.84 per share as their selling price, i.e., redemption price. Enter 23 June 2021 as the date of the transfer. Also fill in the date when you had bought your Ahlstrom-Munksjö shares, their purchase price, and expenses connected to the purchase.

  • If you cannot log in to MyTax to enter the information, complete and submit Form 9A – Capital gains and capital losses from trading with securities.

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