Real estate tax

This guidance concerns individual taxpayers, self-employed operators of business, general and limited partnerships, and estates of deceased persons.

Did you forget to make the corrections before the deadline 5 Mayl 2020? See the instructions and report the details as soon as you can


I sent some corrections but I cannot find an updated decision! So, I cannot pay this real estate tax because I do not know the amount! The answer to this question and much more

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Your real estate tax decision is now  in MyTax and by post before the end of March. If you do not want to make any changes, set a time in your online bank when the payment can be debited from your account, or request an e-invoice.

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If there are errors in the information, or if something is missing, you can send corrections by 5 May 2020 in MyTax or on the paper form (Real estate tax return).

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How to file and correct real estate details in MyTax

How to file with paper forms



Due dates in autumn 6 August and 6 October 2020.

For most payers of real estate tax, the due dates are 6 August 2020 and 6 October 2020. If there are any changes to the real estate tax decision that you receive in spring, the due dates may change.

Real estate tax is to be paid by the party who is the owner of the property at the beginning of the calendar year.

The person treated as the owner may also be a holder of the rights of possession.

For spouses owning real estate jointly, one filing is enough

If you share ownership with your spouse and need to make corrections, it is enough if the two of you send back one form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the pre-printed information on the buildings. Several municipal districts have reviewed the properties in their area and informed the Tax Administration of changes. If the information on the building(s) you own have changed, it will affect your taxes.

Another alternative is that your municipality has changed its basic tax rate for this year's real estate tax.

For more information: see real estate tax rates by municipality 2020 xls in Finnish

Do not send information to the Tax Administration on your newly acquired real estate. The National Land Survey of Finland sends it to us.

For real estate tax, you will not receive a tax demand with the newly acquired property included until spring 2021. Due dates for payment will be in the autumn of 2021.

If the purchase of the real estate property was shared (i.e. two or more people buy it together), check the pre-printed information in spring 2021 to make sure that the shares of ownership are correctly recorded.

You have responsibility for paying the real estate tax because you were its owner on 1 January 2020.

If you made an agreement on the payment of the tax with your buyer and recorded it in the Deed of Sale, it is only regarded as a private agreement between you and them. Do not send information to the Tax Administration on the sold real estate. The National Land Survey of Finland sends us the necessary information on property changes.

If you continue to be the owner, you still have responsibility for paying the real estate tax.  Real estate taxes for 2020 are assessed according to the situation on 1 January 2020.

Send a notice to the Tax Administration in spring 2020 regarding the summer house in order to inform us of its changed purpose of use; it is now a year-round dwelling.

Real estate taxes for 2020 are assessed according to the situation on 1 January 2020. For this reason, any change to the purpose of use in 2020 does not affect real estate taxes until 2021.

The Population Register Centre supplies us with information on whether or not a property is used for year-round residential purposes. We remind you to notify the authorities on the change of your permanent address.

Check what is treated as a dwelling used for living on a permanent basis (in Finnish and Swedish) if you are an owner of several dwellings.

You will receive decisions on real estate tax in MyTax as of 2020. Real estate tax decisions for earlier years are not available in MyTax.

Real estate tax for 2020 is based on the tax assessment of 2019. If your real estate details have changed in 2019, report the changes in MyTax. Changes to a real estate unit must be reported separately by each of its owners or parties comparable to an owner. However, if you own a real estate unit together with your spouse, one report is enough.

You can also pay your real estate tax in MyTax.