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50B Capital income and deductions (3024e)

Check the amounts printed on your pre-completed tax return. If the information and amounts relating to capital income contain errors and omissions, you can enter corrections in MyTax or with Form 50B. 

The amounts you can report and correct include the following:

  • Dividends and co-operative surplus received
  • Receipts of pensions treated as capital income
  • Payments you have made into a long-term savings account (PS)
  • Interest expenses relating to a home loan or a loan relating to the production of income, premiums of a voluntary pension insurance contract you have paid
  • Amounts and information relating to assets or wealth

Please note: to give details on your receipts of rental income, you must file Form 7H, Form 7K or Form 7L, to report any capital gains and losses – Form 9 or Form 9A, and for most taxpayers, Form 16B must be used for reporting any foreign-sourced capital income. You can also use MyTax to file the information and amounts relating to the above forms.

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The pre-completed tax return – instructions for filing

If you opt for paper filing, return address is
Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. BOX 700
00052 VERO.

Page last updated 11/20/2023