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You can get written guidance for questions relating to VAT

You can ask for written guidance on a separate VAT matter for your company. Sellers can ask about VAT on sales, or buyers about the right to deduct VAT, for example. Written guidance is free of charge.

How to make a request

Request guidance in MyTax. You can find the request for written guidance in the Applications section of the Activities tab. Select Written guidance.

You can request guidance by submitting a free-form application in MyTax. For the application process to run smoothly, it is important that your application contains all information relating to the matter. Please make your application carefully.

In the application, give

a short description of the company’s operations. Give a more detailed description of the operations if it is relevant to the matter.

Example: The operations of a company are data modification and storage. The company is registered in Turku. The company has been entered into the VAT register as liable to pay tax for business operations as of 1 February 2000.

Ask a direct question, for example: “Does company A need to pay VAT on social services it provides directly to customers?”.

Example: If your question is about whether or not sales are subject to VAT, specify the following:

  • who is the seller
  • what is being sold (goods or service contents, e.g. data protection services)
  • who is the buyer (business operator or consumer)
  • where do the sales take place (Finland, another EU country or outside the EU)
  • when do the sales take place.

If there are several questions, number them.

Give a comprehensive and clear description of the facts relating to the matter. You can also refer to case law, paragraphs, legal literature or Tax Administration guidelines. If the business operation that the application concerns is part of a bigger whole, state so in the application.

Add all necessary contracts, documents and clarifications, including attachments, to the application. 

File your application in MyTax under Applications. Select Written guidance. 

Go to MyTax

We will process the application as soon as possible, once we have all the information we need. The Estimated processing times for returns and applications page can tell you when a decision on your application is likely to be made

While the application is being processed, we may also ask you to make additions to it. You can also make additions at your own initiative. 

The written guidance is based on the information you have given in your application. The guidance is not binding if the information in the application does not correspond to the actual situation. The written guidance cannot be appealed.

For most tax questions, you can also request an advance ruling subject to a fee


Page last updated 11/21/2022