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The Tax Administration’s certificate service

The Tax Administration is developing a certificate service for managing interfaces and certificates electronically.

You need a certificate if you want to submit data or retrieve data through APIs.

Certificates are used to identify and authenticate the organisations that use an interface to report or retrieve data. They are also used to verify the integrity of records. The solution is based on digital certificates (Public Key Infrastructure).

Schedule for introduction of the new e-service

The goal is to make the e-service of the Tax Administration's certificate service available in August 2024. The new service is designed for users of the Tax Administration’s, the Incomes Register’s, and the Positive Credit Register’s interfaces.

The new service will not affect the existing and currently valid certificates. All existing certificates remain functional throughout their validity period.

Requesting a certificate

Certificates for the interfaces of the Tax Administration and the Incomes Register are still requested via the Incomes Register’s e-service:

Submit an interface application and request a certificate for the Finnish Tax Administration or Incomes Register interfaces

Read the instructions for renewing your certificate

To request testing certificates for the Tax Administration’s and the Incomes Register’s interfaces, follow the specific instructions of the services concerned:

Vero API


Incomes Register's stakeholder testing

When the e-service of the Tax Administration's certificate service is in operation, interfaces and certificates can no longer be managed in the Incomes Register’s e-service.

Page last updated 4/15/2024