Data format specifications

We have created a data format specification for each type of return or notification that you submit to the Tax Administration. You can find the up-to-date data record specifications on this page.

You can get more information on data record specifications and request previous years’ specifications by sending an e-mail to ohjelmistotalot(at)

Self-assessed taxes

Direct transfers and other returns

Annual information returns

General description for electronic filing of information returns (pdf) 18.11.2019

How to calculate the control character for verifying the authenticity of finnish Business IDs and personal IDs (pdf)

Making corrections to electronically filed submittals of information returns, reporting year 2020 (pdf) (6.11.2020) e-service

You can use the service to check that your annual returns, self-assessed tax returns, direct transfers and income tax returns are in the correct format and to submit the data to the Tax Administration. The service checks that the data format corresponds to the appropriate data record specification. You can use the service either on a browser or through a software interface.

You can access the service at