Incomes Register's stakeholder testing

In stakeholder testing, data providers test how data is submitted to the Incomes Register, and data users test how data is received in a stakeholder testing environment.

  • Data provider testing ensures, for example, that the payroll software, travel management system or benefits payment system generates records for the Incomes Register that meet the requirements set for them.
  • The Incomes Register’s data user testing focuses on the testing of subscribed records.

The Incomes Register generates customer records to be used by stakeholders during testing. The test records consist of imaginary test customers. During testing, stakeholders may also use their own test customers in addition to the records generated by the Incomes Register. Stakeholders must notify the Incomes Register of the use of their own test customers on the testing contact form.

Stakeholders’ own test records must be anonymised. More detailed instructions are given in Appendix 5 (Instructions on the anonymisation of test data) to stakeholder testing instructions.

Read more about testing on instructions for stakeholder testing

Read also the Incomes Register’s technical instructions and schema descriptions

How to start  stakeholder testing

Testing can be started by completing the testing start notification. Any testing-related changes and additional information can be reported on the testing contact form. Both forms are available on the “Testing forms" page.

Testing forms

Page last updated 6/1/2022