Change of address

If you change your permanent address, one notification to the Finnish Digital Agency is enough. Let the Tax Administration know your new address if you want to redirect your tax correspondence for a certain period of time, or if you move to or from Finland.

Change of permanent address: general notification of move is enough

As a private person, you do not have to inform the Tax Administration separately when you change your permanent address. A notification of move to the Finnish Digital Agency will be enough.

To file the notification straight away please go to the e-service provided by Local Register Offices and Posti postal services.

File your change of address at

Temporary address change: notify the Tax Administration

In the following cases the standard notification of move will not be enough. Let the Tax Administration know your new address if:

  • you wish to redirect your tax correspondence to an address other than your permanent address
  • you move to or from abroad
  • your permanent address is abroad.

Notify the Tax Administration of your temporary address either by visiting the tax office in person, or by post or fax (see contact details). You cannot report the address by phone or on the web.

This is because the information in a notification of temporary move filed with a Local Register Office or Posti will not be forwarded to the Tax Administration.

You can authorise an agent to file the change of address on your behalf.

Remember to inform us when you return to your permanent address and your temporary address is no longer valid.

To report a temporary address, use the form Temporary address (3817e).

If you do not want to use the form, you can send us a letter giving the following details: your name, personal ID, new address and the date it is valid from.

Sign the letter and deliver it to your tax office.

Why don’t I get my mail?

If you have filed a change of address but your mail is not delivered to the right address, contact your tax office and ask them to check your address details.

When tax cards and tax returns are posted, we use the address that was valid in our customer register a few months before posting. Therefore it is possible that your tax card or return has been sent to your old address.

Change of an estate’s address must be notified in writing to tax office

When an estate’s address changes, report it to a tax office in writing. All shareholders of the estate must accept the change. This can be done by having all shareholders of the estate sign the notification or by having all shareholders sign a joint power of attorney where they authorise someone to file the change of address.

In addition, the change of address can be made by an administrator appointed by court. The administrator must prove their authorisation by submitting the relevant court order.

In addition, the executor of the testament can make the change of address. To prove his or her authorisation, the executor can demonstrate that the testament has become legally binding, or demonstrate that the period has ended for making claims against the testament.

Get an agent for the estate

The Tax Administration recommends that the shareholders authorise an agent to deal with all tax matters relating to the estate. The agent can report the estate’s bank account details to the Tax Administration for refunds.

The agent’s contact details can be forwarded to the Population Information System where they are available for all public authorities.

Residence at a nursing home must be notified to tax office

Information about residency in an institution, nursing home or prison is not forwarded to the Tax Administration. Therefore a change of address of this kind must be reported to the tax office. It is also possible to give the address of an agent or other authorised person.  

Non-disclosure for personal safety reasons

When an order of non-disclosure for personal safety reasons has been issued, the Tax Administration is always informed of the recorded entries in the Population Information System, and the addresses of the individuals concerned. We take account of the restrictions set by the non-disclosure for personal safety reasons, and enter the details into our database accordingly.