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Asylum seeker - how to get a tax card for work

You can work in Finland after 3 or 6 months have passed since you applied for asylum. Check your right to work at Migri’s website



Fill in Form 5042e and print it. You can also visit a tax office to get the form. But if you can, please fill in the form before visiting the tax office.

Write these details on the form:

  • personal details (including name, date of birth, address)
  • the date of arrival in Finland
  • the date when your work starts
  • your employer's name
  • an estimate of the amount of pay you will receive in the entire year


Bring these documents to the tax office:

  • the tax card application that you have filled in
  • the residence card that your reception centre has given you (this will be used to identify you)
  • a travel document
  • an employment contract

Find your nearest tax office

The tax office gives you the tax card

The tax office is where you can get the tax card that you must give to your employer. If your employment is at a construction site or a shipyard, you will also need a tax number. The number will be printed on the card.

Read more about the tax number

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