Application for tax card, tax prepayment or tax number – current or former foreign residents (5042e)

Current or former residents of a foreign country, who are arriving in Finland to stay for more than six months, can use this form to apply for a tax card or tax prepayment.

It is also used by construction-sector employees to apply for an individual tax number and for entry into the public register of tax numbers. 

If you receive income in Finland in addition to wages or trade income, or if you are claiming deductions, you should also file Form 5010e, Application for tax card and/or tax prepayment.

This form can also be used for submitting a claim for adjustment to the Assessment Adjustment Board if you have received a decision on tax prepayment and you need to make an appeal. Fill in the Claim for adjustment (Form 5002e) as well.

You can find the return address on the first page of the form.