Instructions for using the e-service

You can use the Incomes Register’s e-service as a private individual, on behalf of another individual, a company or an organisation, or as a data user.

Log in with your online banking credentials, a mobile certificate, or a Citizen Certificate. If you want to use the service of behalf of another, you must have authorisation. Read more about granting authorisation as a company and as a private individual.

Incomes Register sign in

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Act as a private individual or on behalf of another individual

Act as the representative of a company or an organisation

Act as a data user

The upload service

Good to know about the e-service

The e-service is meant for submitting single reports or small report batches.

The search feature of the e-service can only be used with a web browser and it is not possible to directly transfer search results to a spreadsheet or file. However, you can request fixed-format transcripts from the service.

Watch the Incomes Register’s instructional videos

Devices and browsers

We recommend using the Incomes Register’s e-service with a desktop or laptop computer. You will also need an internet connection and a web browser. Your browser must have both cookies and JavaScript enabled.

We recommend using the service with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers (version 87 or newer). The service does not necessarily function as intended on other browsers or mobile devices.

If the Incomes Register's e-service does not function properly, make sure to clear the cache. You can clear the browser history by clicking History in the menu that opens when you click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser.

If you are using the service on behalf of another individual or if you use the upload service, do not use your browser’s ‘Back’ button. and many other payroll software report data directly to the Incomes Register

If you pay wages often or otherwise retrieve large amounts of data from the incomes Register in connection to your work, using a payroll system or similar software will make your work easier. Many systems can report data to the Incomes Register directly during payroll runs.

You can also perform payroll calculations with the service, which is free to use. The service calculates net wages and other related employer’s costs and reports the information to the Incomes Register on your behalf. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

More information in Finnish:

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