Paying transfer tax

You can pay your transfer tax

  • in MyTax
  • in your e-bank

If there are multiple buyers, each buyer must pay their own share of the tax. Each buyer must pay their tax separately. When paying, enter the amount of tax with two decimal points.

Example: Anna and Pekka purchase a real estate unit for €30,000. Anna owns 2/3 of the property and Pekka 1/3. Transfer tax is 4% of the price, or €1,200.00. Anna pays €800.00 of the tax and Pekka pays €400.00.

If the buyer’s share of transfer tax is less than €10, the tax does not need to be paid. Read more about first-time homebuyer’s exemption from transfer tax. However, remember to file a transfer tax return. If the property in question is a real estate unit, remember to apply for registration of title to your property at the National Land Survey of Finland.

Check the due dates for payment:

How do I pay transfer tax?

When paying transfer tax, you must use your personal transfer tax reference number, so that the payment can be allocated correctly. You can pay the tax either in MyTax or in your e-bank. Starting in November 2019, transfer tax is no longer paid with a separate bank transfer form. Log in to MyTax to see the payment details, such as the reference number and the Tax Administration’s bank account number, or call our telephone service 029 497 050 (Finnish tax matters). The reference number for transfer tax is taxpayer-specific, and it is always the same for the same person.

When you pay transfer tax in MyTax or in your e-bank, the payment will be visible in MyTax in 1–2 business days.

When you pay in MyTax, the amount is debited from your bank account on the same day. You cannot change the due date.

You receive a certificate of transfer tax in MyTax and by post

We will send you a certificate of your transfer tax in MyTax after both the return and the payment have been recorded in our data system. This means that you will not receive the certificate immediately. The certificate is usually available in MyTax within 2 days from the payment. We will also send it to you by post.

Was a real estate agent involved in the sale?

If you buy shares in a housing company or real estate company through a real estate agent, the agent files the transfer tax return on your behalf. The agent also makes sure that you pay the transfer tax in connection with the sale. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you do not need to pay transfer tax, but you must still file the return.

If you buy a new-built unit or a real estate unit through a real estate agent, you must file and pay the transfer tax yourself. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you do not need to pay transfer tax, but you must still file the return.

Is your payment late?

If you are paying your transfer tax after the due date, see the instructions for paying late-payment charges (available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).