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Activate Messages in MyTax and get notifications about your taxes

News, 3/1/2023

It is now possible to activate Messages via MyTax. If you activate Messages now, you will get an email notifying you when your pre-completed tax return is available in MyTax this spring. You can also find preliminary information on any tax refund or back taxes in MyTax. Be sure to activate the messages by 16 March.

As a subscriber to Messages, you will receive an email whenever a new tax-related message has arrived to you in MyTax. If you have downloaded the application on your smartphone, you will get notifications in the app as well.

You will get a notification as soon as the following are available in MyTax:

  • a pre-completed tax return that is ready for checking
  • a new tax decision or information on tax refund or back taxes
  • a new tax card
  • a new message or letter.

If you activate messages, tax returns, letters and decisions will no longer be sent to you by paper mail – you can find them in MyTax instead.

New: activate Messages via MyTax

Log in to MyTax and activate Messages by following these steps:

  1. Select the Communication tab.
  2. Click the “Move on to activate Messages” link under “Activating Messages”.
  3. Enter and submit the required information.
  4. You will receive a confirmation request email. You have 24 hours to confirm the activation of Messages in accordance with the instructions given in the email.

More detailed instructions can be found on and in MyTax.

You can activate Messages whenever you like. You can also check in MyTax whether you have already activated the messages.

If you want to change the settings of the messages, you can do so by logging in to Messages.

Many authorities send messages

After you have activated Messages, many authorities as well as municipalities will send you mail only electronically.

“When you activate Messages in MyTax, you agree to receive correspondence electronically from all the authorities that use Messages. So, the permission to send mail electronically does not apply only to the Tax Administration,” says Joonas Jarva, Product Owner of MyTax.

You can see a list of all organisations and services that use Messages on the website. Messages is a service provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Enabling the activation of Messages in MyTax is the result of a joint development project of the Tax Administration and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. It is an example of the kind of co-operation between authorities that aims to facilitate the customers’ activities and promotes electronic services.

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