Annual information return on interest and other payments, taxable under the provisions of the act on income tax (TVL) (7805)

This form is for providing annual information to the Tax Administration on paid interest, secondary market compensation, and other compensation subject to taxation as provided in the act on income tax (Tuloverolaki 1535/1992 (TVL)).

You must submit the information electronically if you paid interest, compensation, etc. to at least five (5) beneficiaries.

The paper form is available for downloading in Finnish and Swedish.

File in

The fillable Web form on is in Finnish and Swedish.

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Submitting your annual information return through the Ilmoitin website

Guidance for annual information returns as software files — specifications of data formats

Making corrections

If you need to make corrections to any information you have sent, submit a replacement of your earlier annual information return.  Only the beneficiaries whose original data was inaccurate must be included in the replacement.

For more information, see: How to make corrections to an annual information return