Paying with e-invoice

E-invoices are easy to pay and help you comply with due dates. Payment details are pre-completed on the invoice, so you do not need to enter them separately.

E-invoices can be used by individual taxpayers and self-employed individuals. Companies and organisations can use the web invoice. Read more about web invoices.

Which taxes can I pay with e-invoice?

You can request e-invoicing for real estate tax, back taxes and prepayments. The request automatically covers all the above tax types.

Please note that you cannot receive an e-invoice for additional prepayments.

How to request e-invoicing

You can request e-invoicing in your e-bank. Find the place where you can request e-invoices in the e-bank. Select “Verohallinto” (Tax Administration) as the invoicing organisation, enter your personal ID and request e-invoicing.

Note: A single request automatically covers real estate tax, back taxes and prepayments.

You can submit the request at any time, but no later than three weeks before the due date of the tax. You will receive an e-invoice in your e-bank approximately two weeks before the due date of the tax.

How to check if you have already requested e-invoicing

If you are not sure whether you have already requested e-invoicing from the Tax Administration, you can check the selected payment method in MyTax or in the field for the euro amount on the bank transfer form associated with the tax decision. You can also check the matter in your e-bank.

How to cancel e-invoicing

You can cancel the e-invoicing request in your e-bank.

Please note, however, that if you cancel the request, you will stop receiving e-invoices for all three tax types (real estate tax, back taxes and prepayments). In other words, you cannot cancel e-invoicing separately for just one tax type.