Data is usually corrected by submitting a replacement report

The payer can usually correct any errors in the earnings payment data or benefit data by submitting a replacement report.

Always use a replacement report to re-enter all the data.

Make the replacement report for the same payment date as the original report.

Match the replacement report to the report to be corrected with a report reference.

In certain situations, the data must be cancelled. 

Use the report reference of the original report

Match the correction to the correct report with the report reference.

There are two types of references:

  • If you have created a payer report reference for the original report yourself, use the same reference in the replacement report.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Incomes Register report reference, which the Incomes Register always generates for each new report.

It is important to use the correct report reference in the replacement report, as there may be several reports for the same income earner on the same payment date.

If the reference of the original report is not used in the replacement report, the report will not replace the previous report; instead, it will be saved in the Incomes Register as a new report.

How to submit a replacement report

If you are correcting an individual report in the e-service, search for the original report and select “Correct”. Correct any errors in the original report and keep the other data unchanged. The report reference is already correct.

If you are correcting a report via a technical interface or the upload service, select “Replacement report” as the type of action. Re-enter all the information in the report, as well as the report reference of the original report.

With a paper form, you can only correct earnings payment data and an employer’s separate report.

Detailed instructions and examples

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Page last updated 3/15/2023