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Tax numbers in the shipbuilding industry to become mandatory as of 1 July 2022

News, 6/15/2022

In addition to the construction industry, the tax number will be introduced in the shipbuilding industry as well. Workers and independent operators at shipyards must have a registered tax number as of 1 July 2022.  When working at a shipyard, workers must also wear a photo ID that displays their tax number.

Tax numbers can already be entered into the shipbuilding industry’s register of tax numbers.  Starting 1 July 2022, the Tax Administration will be able to respond to inquiries on whether a worker has been entered into the register.

In order to get a tax number, the worker must have a Finnish personal ID.

If a worker already has a Finnish personal ID and a tax number

If a worker already has a Finnish personal ID and a tax number, they do not need to visit a tax office. Workers or their employers can request entry into the shipbuilding industry’s tax number register in MyTax or by calling our service number at 029 497 050. If a person has already been entered into the tax number register as a construction industry worker, they or their employer must separately request entry into the register as a worker in the shipbuilding industry.

How to add your tax number to the tax number register yourself in MyTax

If a worker does not yet have a Finnish personal ID

If a person does not yet have a Finnish personal ID and they plan to work at a shipyard on 1 July 2022 or later, they need to visit a tax office. Appointments at tax offices can be booked via MyTax or over the telephone at 029 497 050. Getting the ID and the tax number may take 1-3 working days. There are 18 tax offices where you can be issued the Finnish personal ID. No other tax offices provide that service.

Tax offices where you can get a personal ID

Workers must make sure that they have all the required documents with them so that the registration can be completed during the visit to the tax office.

What documents should I take with me to the tax office?

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