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Claim for adjustment of income tax - individuals (3308e)

Use this form to claim for adjustment of income tax if you are an individual taxpayer, self-employed business operator, or agricultural or forestry operator. The form can be used for a general partnership or a limited partnership as well.

Claim for adjustment in MyTax or with a paper form or a free-form application.

Claim for adjustment in MyTax

The address for mailing a claim for adjustment on a paper form is on the first page of the form. Remember to include all the required appendices; these are specified in the filling instructions of the form. 

If you claim for adjustment with a free-form application, include the following information:

  • The name and personal identity code of the person claiming for adjustment
  • The tax year for which the adjustment is claimed
  • Details of the adjustment you are seeking
  • The grounds for claiming for adjustment 

If you claim for adjustment with a free-form application, fill in and print this form 3308 and use it as the cover page. Append any other supporting documents which you have not previously delivered to the Tax Administration.

Read more about claiming for adjustment and check the deadlines per tax year.

The Tax Administration can use automated decision-making in the context of resolving tax matters. This means that a decision concerning your tax matter may be based on partial or full use of an automated decision-making system. Read more about automated decision-making at the Tax Administration (only in finnish).

Page last updated 1/2/2023