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Annual information return on other payments to non-resident taxpayers (7809e)

On annual information return 7809, report details on payments made to non-resident taxpayers, such as payments of dividends from a non-listed company, surplus or interest.

File the details electronically if the annual return contains data on five or more income recipients. If you are a private individual, you can also file on paper.

Submit details in MyTax

You can file the annual information return in MyTax. Log in to the service with your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Log in to MyTax

After logging in to MyTax, select Report or request information in a limited scope.

File in

Instructions for submitting annual information returns as a file – data format specifications

Making corrections

If you need to make corrections, submit a new annual information return to replace the one you had sent previously. The replacement should only concern the income recipients whose details were incorrect in the original return. Read more about making corrections.

If you filed the annual information return in MyTax or in the Tax Administration’s e-service, make corrections in MyTax

You can submit corrections to annual information returns for previous years in until the service closes down on 29 February 2024. Read more: will close down in February 2024

Note:’s My e-Services feature will also close down. If you want to keep the returns you have filed through, save them on your computer before the service closes down.

The Tax Administration can use automated decision-making in the context of resolving tax matters. This means that a decision concerning your tax matter may be based on partial or full use of an automated decision-making system. Read more about automated decision-making at the Tax Administration (only in finnish).

Page last updated 1/2/2024