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1B Travel expenses ā€“ Weekend travel (3010e)

You can fill out Form 1B to claim expenses for going home for the weekend if you work in a distant location. You can also file the amounts in MyTax. 

You are required to report miscellaneous travel expenses in MyTax or with the following forms:

  • Commuting expenses between home and work (including the case when you spend nights in a second home located in another district in order to commute to work also located in that district) – Form 1A.
  • Trips between your accommodation and the secondary place of work – Form 1C.
  • Trips to a place where you work if your occupation is within ‘special sectors’ (such as the construction sector, the earthmoving sector and work related to forestry) – Form 1D.

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The pre-completed tax return – instructions for filing

If you opt for paper filing, return address is
Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. BOX 700
00052 VERO.

Page last updated 11/20/2020