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1D Travel expenses – Deductible as expenses for the production of income, e.g. travel expenses for special sectors (3020e)

You can report travel expenses for temporary business trips to a specific job site using MyTax or paper form 1D. You can also use this form to report 'travel in special sectors'. Travel in special sectors includes travel to varying job sites in sectors such as construction, excavation and forestry.

Report your miscellaneous travel expenses in MyTax or with any of the following forms:

  • commuting between your home and primary place of work – Form 1A
  • weekend travel home to join your family – Form 1B
  • commuting between your home and secondary place of work – Form 1C

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The pre-completed tax return – instructions for filing

If you opt for paper filing, return address is
Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. BOX 700
00052 VERO.

Page last updated 1/2/2019