How to edit and delete pre-completed information on income and deductions in MyTax

If, for example, you have entered information on rental income or travel expenses previously, you will see those entries pre-completed in MyTax. If you find that the previously entered information is no longer valid, you can edit or delete it.

  1. Select Tax returns and tax information under Activities.

  2. Select the year 2020.

  3. Select Pre-completed tax return under Income tax.

  4. Click Correct.

  5. In the first stage, you will see your taxpayer details. Proceed to the next stage, Pre-completed income and deductions.

  6. If you have filed deductions for your tax card or tax return previously, you can see them here. To edit any pre-completed information, click on the link next to the entry you want to change.

    • For example, if you want to make changes to your travel expenses, click on the link next to “Means of transport”.
    • To make changes to rental income, or to delete an entry, click on Rental income details.
    • To change or delete interest expenses on a loan, click on Loan’s purpose of use and select, for example, “Home loan” or “Loan for the production of income”.

    It may be that the purpose of use has changed from home loan to a loan taken for the production of income. In this case, you should first delete the previously saved entry and click Add new interest or loan to make a new one.

    If the purpose of use has changed during the year, you must distribute your interest expenses between “Home loan” and “Loan for the production of income” in proportion to the actual lengths of time when the dwelling was in your private use and when it was rented out to tenants.

  7. To delete any pre-completed information, click on the link next to the entry you want to delete. A new window appears. Select Delete information at the bottom and click Yes.

    If you do not see the Delete information button, scroll down until it becomes visible. 


  8. Go to Preview and send.

  9. When all the details are correct, submit the return.

    Please note: If you want to continue filing your tax return later, click Submit. This way, the details you have entered will be saved in MyTax. You can submit new details as many times as you want before the deadline. If you have not made any corrections or additions to the tax return, do not click Submit.

Frequently asked questions

When you add or correct something in MyTax, it is usually not required of you to add any enclosures or attachments. It is enough if you just save the receipts, vouchers and other documentation, and enter the amount – how many euros to deduct, for example – in the appropriate field. The Tax Administration will ask for more information if necessary. For example, you may have to give more information later about a household expense or about your expenses for the production of income.

Some of the fields contain a feature that allows you to add attachments (e.g. some commuting expenses and travel expenses in special sectors of work, or the sale of corporate shares and other securities). For these fields, you will see the words Attachments and “Add file”.