Activate messages to receive tax mail electronically

A message is a notification you receive to your email or application when there is a new tax card, tax return or letter for you in MyTax.

If you have activated messages, you will receive information about your taxes only in MyTax. An exception to this is the tax card, which you can ask to be delivered by post to your home address or to your employer’s address.

When you activate messages, you also agree to receive correspondence from other authorities listed on electronically.

How to activate messages

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Log in to MyTax.
  2. You can find the new information on the Tasks tab. For example, if you have received a new letter, you can read it by clicking on the task.

Please note that you cannot log in to MyTax directly from the message you receive from the service.

You can check whether you have activated messages in MyTax as follows:

  1. Select the Taxpayer details tab.
  2. Check the matter at Delivery method for mail.

Please note that if you want to submit or change your email address, you must do it in the service – not in MyTax.

If you prefer, you can switch back to postal delivery. Please note that the selection does not become effective until the next day.

How to deactivate messages