After you have activated, you get tax mail only electronically

The Tax Administration sends you electronic messages – and no letters by post – if you are a messages user. Activate e-messaging on After that, every time when new information on your taxes appears in MyTax, you will receive e-mail to the address you have given.

How to activate messages

Important notes

When you have activated messages, you will receive an e-mail whenever MyTax has any new information about your taxes. When such an e-mail arrives, log in to MyTax to see what the subject of the message is. You can see the link on the home page under Notes. For example, if it is a new letter, you can click on the link to read it.

Please note that you must log in to MyTax with your e-bank codes or mobile certificate or certificate card every time. In other words, you cannot switch over to MyTax directly from the message you receive from messages normally sends you reminder messages once a week for an entire month unless you go to each time and mark them as “read”.

When messages has been activated, your default setting in MyTax is Only in MyTax, which means that all your tax correspondence arrives at MyTax. (An exception to this rule is the revised tax card, which you can always request to be delivered by post to your home address or your employer’s address.) If you prefer, you can switch back to paper mail and get all your tax correspondence by post again. Note: this setting will not become effective until the next day.

When you activate messages, you also agree to receive all correspondence from other public authorities electronically. To find a list of the Finnish authorities that use messages, visit

You can always return to paper mail if you like. If so, do as follows:

Go to and log in.

Select Settings.

Change the communication method to Paper mail.

Read more at Stop using Messages