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Leaving Finland

If you are moving away, you are required to file an address change to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency within one week from the date when you move. We also recommend that you contact the Tax Administration separately to let us know that you are leaving.

You can contact the Tax Administration to deal with the following issues when you leave Finland:

  • Make a calculation to estimate whether your taxes are higher or lower during the year when you leave compared to the years before that.
  • Give the tax office your estimates of income and expenses – this will be necessary for the assessment of your final taxes on your Finnish-sourced income.
  • Remember to check and correct your tax return information in MyTax or on paper forms. How to file changes for your tax return on paper.
  • Ask for cancellation of any tax prepayments.
  • In addition, make sure the Finnish Tax Administration has a correct record of your foreign bank account number for tax refunds – then the money can directly be transferred into your bank account.
Page last updated 8/10/2018