How to file a tax return for forestry in MyTax

To submit the forestry tax return in MyTax on a partnership’s or estate’s behalf you must have a authorisation.

If no Business ID has been issued to the estate of the deceased person you must submit the tax return on paper. See instructions for completing the forestry tax return

Finding the forestry tax return

Go to MyTax and log in if you are not logged in yet (a new window appears)

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    You are on the tab called Your tax types. Find the Individual income tax section – or the Income tax for partnerships section for a tax return on behalf of a partnership.

    Select File tax return for forestry under Tax year 2021.

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    Individual taxpayers, please note: If no direct link to the forestry tax return appears, select Tax returns and tax information under Tax year 2021.

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    Make sure you have selected the right year. Then click on Tax return for forestry.

How to complete the tax return

The return has 4 different stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail on top.

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    Your name and address appear under Contact information of person who can provide further information if the Tax Administration has them on file. If it is someone else who provides further information about the return, please enter his or her information.

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    1. If you have no income from forestry to report, select I am not filing details in the Income stage. Move on to Expenses and reserves.
    2. If you have had income from forestry, fill in the amounts here. Select Yes in the sections relevant to you and fill in the details on the income.
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    Select Yes under Income from timber sales. Fill in the appropriate fields for your amounts of income from sales of standing trees, supply sales, firewood sales, Christmas tree sales. For more information and instructions, click on the “How to report income from timber sales” question.

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    Expenses and reserves

    1. If you have no relevant expenses or reserves to report, select I am not filing details in the Expenses and reserves stage. Go to Preview and send
    2. If you have paid some expenses relating to your forestry operation or if you have booked any reserves relating to it, fill in the amounts here. First, select Yes in the sections relevant to you and then fill in the details. If the previous year’s amounts and data are available, you will see them pre-completed.
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    Select Yes under Annual expenses. Enter the data into the appropriate fields on the travel expenses and the other expenses you have paid during the year. For more information and instructions, click on the “How to report annual expenses” question.

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    Select Yes under Supply work. After that, click the Add new button.

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    Give details on each worker one by one.

    Enter the supply worker’s information and the delivered timber volumes. Work out the values, by timber type, of the supply work for all the volumes of timber prepared and delivered.

    Click OK when you are done.

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    Indicate the part of the supply work that belongs to timber sales with delivery and the part that belongs to sales of firewood and Christmas trees.

    You can click Add new to add a new supply worker’s information as necessary.

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    Preview and send

    Please re-check all the information. Click Edit or Previous to make any corrections.

    You can select Save as unfinished if you want to come back later. Your entries are kept saved for 3 months. The Tax Administration will not process your data entries before you have submitted them.

    When everything is correct, click Submit. After this, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.