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Real estate tax decision

You will receive the real estate tax decision in MyTax and by post before the end of March.

The real estate tax decision contains the following items:

  • An account of real estate information
  • The calculation of your real estate tax
  • The information you need for paying the tax
  • The end date of the assessment process for your real estate tax

Check your tax decision in MyTax

See the guidance: How to find letters, tax decisions and tax certificates in MyTax

When you receive your tax decision for real estate tax, check that the information is correct. 

In some circumstances, you may first receive an account of the real estate information serving as the basis for your tax assessment, and receive the tax decision later.

Due dates for real estate tax may change

For the majority of payers of real estate tax, the due dates are 7 August 2023 and 6 October 2023. Your personal due date is shown on your real estate tax decision. If you make any changes to the decision, the due dates for real estate tax may change.

If you make corrections to the information concerning your real estate, you will receive a new tax decision tax. In that case, the due dates for your tax will probably be postponed. You can find the new due date on the new tax decision.

If you do not make any corrections and updates to the information you receive with your real estate tax decision, the original decision and due dates will remain in force.

Frequently asked

You can receive a new real estate tax decision if

  • you have made corrections to your real estate tax return
  • your spouse has made corrections to their tax return
  • the Tax Administration has received corrections from other sources

We will send new real estate tax decisions to taxpayers in random order by the end of October.

If you do not receive a new tax decision, the tax decision and bank transfer forms for real estate tax that you received in spring remain valid.

See the most recent information in MyTax.

No, you will receive no decision on real estate tax in this case.  Because it is an agricultural field, it is non-taxable land from the perspective of real estate taxes. Accordingly, your real estate tax does not show the field at all.

Page last updated 1/1/2023