Business taxpayer - use e-invoicing

Companies and organisations can pay real estate taxes with an e-invoice. The Tax Administration will send an e-invoice of real estate tax to all companies that can receive e-invoices and have their address in the e-invoice address registry managed by TIEKE Information Society Development Center. No payments of real estate taxes by e-invoice can be made by general partnerships and limited partnerships.

Go to (opens in a new window) and check that your e-invoice address is in the registry.

You do not need to submit your address separately to the Tax Administration. The Tax Administration retrieves the address from the e-invoice address registry.

If your company does not have an e-invoicing address, you can get an address from a service provider.

Multiple e-invoice addresses

Your company may have several e-invoicing addresses. If you wish to choose the address where the Tax Administration sends the invoice, submit your EDI identifier and its specifier with the online form on (form available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).

Please note: You can only submit an EDI identifier with a specifier on the form. An EDI identifier includes the country code 0037, your company’s Business ID without the hyphen, and an additional specifier (max. 5 characters). An EDI identifier with a specifier is 13–17 characters long.

Further information