How to change the ownership and possession details of a real estate unit in MyTax

  1. Select All activities under Activities.

  2. Go to the section Tax returns and tax information. Select Real estate tax.

  3. Read the instructions and click I have read the instructions. Proceed to the next stage, Real estate details.

  4. Select the property identifier of the real estate unit whose ownership and possession details you wish to edit.

  5. Go to the section Ownership and possession and click Edit.

  6. Select what kind of right of ownership or possession you have to the real estate unit. Also enter your portion of the real estate unit.

  7. Select the reason why your right of ownership or possession has changed. If you select Other, give an explanation in the field for further information.

    Also enter the date when the right of ownership or possession was transferred. If you are not the only owner of the real estate unit, i.e. your portion is not 1/1, also enter details on the other owners.

    Once everything is correct, click OK.

  8. The date when the ownership and possession information was changed is displayed on the page. Click OK.

  9. Proceed to the next stage, Additional details and attachments.

  10. Give the necessary additional details and add attachments as needed. Make sure that the contact information is correct. Proceed to Preview and send.

  11. Check the details you have entered to make sure everything is correct. In the section Changed real estate units, you can see the real estate units whose details you have changed.  When all the details are correct, submit the real estate tax return.