Using the Incomes Register with an eIDAS identifier

Using the Incomes Register's e-service requires strong identification, i.e. verification of the user's identity. The service requires identification with your personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a certificate card. Non-Finnish users use the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service.

A new, pan-European identification system, eIDAS, will be adopted in EU countries in stages.

eIDAS identification makes it easier to use the official services of the public administration, as it enables strong identification across the borders of EU countries. Regardless of their citizenship, the citizens of EU countries can use the online public services of other EU countries with the help of the electronic eIDAS identifier.

The identification methods of the different countries must first be approved, or notified, as suitable for eIDAS identification. The notification process proceeds in stages; at the moment, eIDAS identification is possible for German, Italian and Estonian citizens. As the notification progresses, the identification methods of more and more countries can be used for eIDAS identification.

You can use the Incomes Register with an eIDAS identifier by using an eIDAS service request form. Fill in your personal and contact details on the form and check the box: Incomes Register. Under Additional information, enter a more detailed description of the matter.

At this time, you cannot directly log in to the Incomes Register's e-service with an eIDAS identifier.

eIDAS service request form (

Page last updated 9/1/2021